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Posted by Darkild
Wednesday 06 April 2005 - 11:22:25

Hi peeps
Some guildies have requested that I post some more news about Ventrilo servers.
So here we go:

Ventrilo is a voice chat communication system.
Among other things people use it to talk to each other while playing online games.
On a server you can have many chat channels that people can connect too.
Channels can be password protected if needed.
The number of people who can connect to a channel is only restricted to the number of users/slots, we have paid for.
example of Altus Chillers channel list:

1. Altus Chillers general DK/UK
2. Group 1 DK
2: Group 2 UK
3: Raid 1 DK
4: Raid 2 UK

To use Ventrilo, you need 3 things.

1. You need to have a headset or microphone attached to you computer
to use voice chat.

2: A ventrilo client on your computer. The client is free for download, so this is no problem.

3: A Ventrilo server to connect too.

Now number 3 is the main issue here, to have good quality and stability you need large bandwidth.
Since i dont know any people who has that kind of bandwidth, there's only the option to rent a server.
A few of us used rented servers back in the beta days, it worked great.

Server costs are:
12 users/slots - 10.07 Euros a month
20 users/slots - 14.63 Euros a month

We can always change the number of users, so to start with, 12 users would be enough.

Altus Chillers members are NOT OBLIGATED to either pay for or use ventrilo, it is completely voluntary.
All members will have access to the server as long as there are free slots.
If we run full on free slots we will try to expand, if it is not possible.
We will only allow access to ventrilo to donating members.

This being said, i am willing to donate 1-2 euro's a month.
If anyone else wants to donate, contact me either in the forum or ingame, and I will give you an account number to transfer money too.

Hope this clears things up :)

UPDATE: Btw. All donating members will be announced on the website. Maybe i should do a "Donation Hall of Fame" page, what do you think ?

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