News Item: Quest for Guild tabbard money.
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Posted by Darkild
Wednesday 23 March 2005 - 12:37:28

We are raiding the Harpies in Charred Vale, we will meet up in sunrock retreat at 20:00 tonight.

We will only be focusing on money and not XP.

Theese are the rules for the raid, if you screw us you will be kicked from the Guild and forever marked as IDIOT.
All loot gained on tonights raid is to be sold and profit is to be given to Darkild(thatís me). He is the Guild leader and need the money to buy the guild tabbard design, which we all so eagerly desire.
Any items you may want for your character, you can keep as long as you sell the items you are replacing.
The raid is completely voluntary.

For now, I know the following people are joining tonight:
Brivida (Zombie4eveR)

That's a full group of 5 peeps, not much, but the rest of the guild doesn't seem at all interrested in helping out or viewing the website. This leads me to say again, if you know someone whom you think is cool and want to have in the guild, let me know.

If you want to join in on the raid, speak up in guild speak tonight.
[Submitted by Darkild]

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