News Item: FPS NIGHT - Friday 13th 2009
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Posted by Orangey
Wednesday 11 March 2009 - 13:27:02

Hey all,

A few of us will be online this Friday 13th (unlucky for some*) playing some FPS games.

TIME : 20:00-21:00 UK time start

WHAT: F.E.A.R. , CoD2, UT3 [downloadable from STEAM online shop]
(and perhaps HL2 Deathmatch)

See you online!

*i.e. Neo. Who will be shot at repeatedly in the face. And Tef. And Twonk. And Briv. And anyone that shows up really. And me too probably. And my next door neighbour's cat (not in a sexual way...that reminds me of a story btw...) And the orphans. Especially the orphans. I f***ing hate orphans. And Bernard Matthews. I'll shove those turkey twizlers somewhere where he won't be happy about them AT ALL. Boootiful. And Gibbon. I always forget about Gibbon because he rarely plays with us. He's probably hanging out with Bernard Matthews and those Freakin orphans. And Darkild. And Bucky. And Kuya & Lal. And Sherpa. Grrrr. Sherpa. And Bucky. Oh wait, I already mentioned Bucky. But to be fair though, it's hard to shoot Bucky in the face. His head reflects light, right into my eyehole. And that's not fun. Not fun at all. >.< Anyways, this is getting dangerously off topic and all together a little silly for a "short" news post. ALL YE COME AND ENJOY YE OLDE MAYHEM!!!

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