News Item: Orangey's not a n00b
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Posted by Orangey
Thursday 07 August 2008 - 14:58:26

Orangey made an annoucment earlier today. We need to help him every step of the way:

14:47:31 ‹Zombie4eveR› this could go on for weeks, Orangey
14:50:48 ‹Orangey› Thats some advanced shit. Big red letters
14:51:27 ‹Orangey› Btw, I'm sure i'm mentioned before but I have aomething I need to get off my chest
14:51:49 ‹Zombie4eveR› go on Orangey, you know you can talk to me in confidence
14:52:50 ‹Orangey› aomething = something
14:53:27 ‹Orangey› well, not sure how to say this but i think Whisp and you are n00bs :-(
14:55:23 ‹Zombie4eveR› lol, it's ok Orangey, we always knew he was a n00b! Know where he can seek help for that? I'll go google the contact number...brb
14:55:23 ‹Zombie4eveR› Back...., here you go I found a website for him

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