News Item: Core AC Raiding Team
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Posted by Orangey
Monday 20 August 2007 - 11:12:30

Hi all!

Thanks to all of you who attended last night's Guild meeting!

The Core AC Raiding Team has been chosen and is as follows:

Nobodytwk (Prot warrior) - also has rogue
Bonehacker (Prot warrior) - also has DPS shammy

Illk (resto shammy - temp) - can roll on DPS gear
Geezer (holy priest) - also has tanking druid/mage
Theonlyneo (resto druid) - also has mage/rogue

Vanie (imba Lock)
Teflonjoe (Mage)
Executor (rogue) - also has DPS warrior
Mightypooh (crap lock) - also has holy priest
Hrotgard (Hunter) - also has everything else, not necessarily the right level!

Back-up Team
Mercedes (hunter)
Whisperer (rogue)
Darkild (resto druid)
Freezepsyco (mage)
Dagibbon (moist rogue)
Jonagrunt/hunt/zom/troll (every class almost exept pally)
Noblessian (pally)
Spiritbane (the best holy priest known to the WoW community)
Nadoc (resto shammy - awaiting realm transfer)

[ofc, any member of AC can be included on the back-up team and everyone who turns up on the day has a chance to get some phat loot :-P]

RAID DAY - Every SUNDAY, 19:30 invite and preparation - Start at 20:00 (WoW time). Please use the raid planner so we know if we need to replace you and write a chatbox post if can't make it.

We expect you to be there if you are in the Team!*

*If not, your place may be lost!

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