News Item: Core AC Raiding Team
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Posted by Orangey
Thursday 16 August 2007 - 11:24:28

Major Announcment!

Hi all, some of you may have noticed that although we have had some limited success with Karazhan runs, we often struggle to reach the numbers required.

AC is a casual and relaxed guild, however this will change slightly as we are going to create a CORE RAIDING TEAM. Anyone can apply, however acceptance will depend on your willingness to raid, your gear, your enthusiasm and your patience.

Therefore, the council are making the following changes to how we raid:

- If you are on the team, regular attendance ON TIME WILL be required*.

- Use of the raid planner WILL be required.

- Raiders WILL be expected to check tactics BEFORE we go to the instance (e.g. using wowwiki)

- We WILL be a team. Reasonable criticism will be accepted. Unreasonable criticism will lose you your spot.

We aim to create a very good, talented team that can progress and gear up from this instance so that later we can invite other Chillers in and make their life's easier! We will be sometimes harsh on selection of people to allow us the best opportunity of success. It's nothing personal, Blizz have made this an issue, not AC :-)

There will be an in-game meeting at 21:15 WoW time, 19th August, Sunday for those of you who think you have what it takes to do this. This meeting will decide who is part of that core team.

If there are vacant spots we will be offering these to people outside the Guild.

If you cannot make this date, please PM me via the website or leave me an in-game mail if you are interested (Orangey).

In summary we need:

- THREE dedicated HEALERS

- TWO dedicated TANKS

- FIVE dedicated DPS (of which a hybrid or person with multiple chars would be nice)

Think you have the skills and the know-how? Show us.


*If no notice is given we will assume that you do not want to raid with AC.

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