News Item: Karazhan
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Posted by Orangey
Friday 18 May 2007 - 11:55:47

Hi folks!

We've done very well in Kara so far with both Attumen the Huntsman and Moroes downed and some nice loot from them too!

We think this can continue and to help us I've put bi-weekly kara runs on the raid planner so you guys can sign up well in advance if you wish to take part. We're getting to the point where we will be over-subscribed for these runs so SIGN UP FAST! :-P

You'll notice that as well as the main days of SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY there are also raids scheduled for Monday and Thursday too. These are purely extra days that we can set aside if things are going well and we want to continue with our saved instance.

AC is not all about raids however! There will be more interesting and fun events to come too and if any of you have ideas, share them!

AC for WORLD DOMINATION! :-D (I copied that from Darkild btw....)

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