News Item: Three-Day Extension to Launch Players
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Posted by Darkild
Friday 11 March 2005 - 09:42:07


The first month of World of Warcraft will soon be over for the players who registered during or shortly after the European launch on February 11. We’re happy to inform players who registered their account during February that as a thank you for joining us during our successful launch period, and to balance the fact that our first month was a short one, an additional 3 days extra playing time will be added to their account prior to the start of billing. So for those players who registered their account on 11th February, the billing process will begin on Monday, 14th March.

Please note that the subscription period is measured in months, not in increments of 30 days. If you register your account on the 31st of a month you will be charged on the last day of the month payment is due. Pre-paid cards, however, will add exactly 60 days to your account.

To avoid unexpected account closures, we urge all players to go now to their account management page to verify their account information and ensure the following details are correct:

* Name and address
* Credit card details or ELV details (pre-paid cards are verified when submitted and thus need no additional verification)
* E-mail address (the preferred method to contact players)

If you experience any problems after entering your correct details please do not hesitate to contact our billing support hotline.

You can find the account management page through this link, which is also found on the game log-in screen and in the upper right corner of the web site:

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