News Item: New Public Test Realms
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Posted by Darkild
Tuesday 08 March 2005 - 11:01:36


Two new public test realms are being introduced in the U.S. to help us test future changes that are going into World of Warcraft. These realms will supplement the ongoing QA process already in place internally. We are deploying these test realms so that we can gather valuable feedback on various test issues in a closed environment without having these issues adversely affect our general audience.

Among the elements we want to test are: new hardware configurations, database configurations, and experimental server-side and client-side changes. Due to the experimental nature of the new test realms, initially we will be opening them only in the U.S. in order to monitor any stability issues or possible impact they might have on the entire service. Once the setup and use of these test realms are optimized, we will roll implement additional test realms in all live regions.

The long term goal of the public test realms is to facilitate the introduction of any changes to our global audience so that new service optimizations and content updates can be tested, analyzed, and then presented to our customers with the shortest delay possible.

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