News Item: Signup or be kicked - Social aspekt of the guild is lacking
(Category: Misc)
Posted by Darkild
Thursday 24 February 2005 - 20:08:41

We the Officers think the guild is lacking on the social part.
Nobody seems to be showing any interrest in the guild and nobody seems to be grouping with each other, and we dont see any replies in the guild chat.

The Guild is not what we hoped for, we wanted the guild to be friendly and helpfull so that we could help each other out when we needed it.

To make things short, if you are interrested in the Guild you need to be signed up on this website, if you don't sign up, we take it as if you dont want to be a Guild member and we will kick you out of the Guild.

If you have any complaints or just want to tell us why you dont want to be in the guild, you can post in the non member forum.

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